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SeriAll 2.0

  Function File "renamer"
  Status : Freeware
  Systems: Windows
  Disponible en français ICI.
SeriAll 2.0 has won

SeriAll is a utility allowing to rename files serialy.
SeriAll 2.0 has won Software informer Editor's pick Award with 5 stars!

  + Ability to rearrange the source list (name moving up/downward and deletion).
  + Ability to keep the source filename in new name.
  + Memorize window position and directories.
You can use a meter which will be part of file names.
Main screen allows the managing of all main functions.
To change program language, press key F12 or clic caption F12: Langage at bottom right of the screen.

Main steps :

1/ Select files to rename

All data are located on left third of the window. To select files :
- Do a drag/drop on program icon (to install by yourself if necessary)
- Clic button on the right of Source directory editing area. A search window will be displayed. Searc and select your directory.
- All files from the directory will be displayed in the left list.
- You can modify selection by modifying the filter.
- You can delete a file from the list (but not from disk!) by double-clicking on its name. It will disappear from the list. You can can back the original list by clicking the Reset button.
- Version 2 allows to manage more efficiently the source list. You can sort the list according to the numerical value of file names.
- Version 2 allows to keep the original file name in destination name.

- The ">>" button allows to preload the file name areas from the selected file in list (Program will try to find back the before meter meter/after meter from file name.

2/ Preparing name building

- Base text at beginning : Constant caption for all files.
- Meter
. Automatic : Program Will try, depending on the number of files,to select a corrct meter. There's no check for file existence...
. Defined : In this case, you can select meter size (number of zeroes), and starting point.
- Base text after meter : Constant caption for all files, after meter.
- Force files extension to : You can here give an extension which will be given to all files. If you do not provide one (default), original files extensions will be kept.

3/ Select destination directory

- Choose destination directory for files. If source and destination are equal, files will be renamed, otherwise they'll be copied.
- Click button "=" to set the destination directory equal to source directory (there is a confirmation request)

4/ Run Renaming (and other functions on files)

- Explorer
. Bouton Src... Open the source directory with windows explorer.
. Bouton Dest... Open the destination directory with windows explorer
- Files
. Copy... button: makes standard files copy from source to destination
. Move... button: makes standard files move from source to destination
- Check... Button
This button runs renaming check, and report problems (in the resulting list at window middle bottom), and especialy the existence of files if renaming is done.
- Re-name !
Runs the renaming. Program checks first, and stops if there is a problem.

The Resulting list displays the check results.

If you wish to add your language to the program, please feel free to edit the SeriAll.ini text file and add it. Please be sure to follow the (very simple) steps indicated in it. I'd be happy to receive a copy, and share it with other users...
Download seriall_2_install.exe From HERE
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Greek translation.
Please, be sure to have SeriAll installed before installing the Greek file.
This translation was kindly provided to me by G. KOSTOPOULOS. Please download the SeriAll.ini file here (use right-click on this link and select Save as....
This INI file contains 3 languages: French, English and Greek.
TO INSTALL, Please be sure not to have SeriAll running, and simply replace the SeriAll.ini in your SeriAll directory with the one you've just downloaded. That's it.