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Version : 1.0 System : Win
Disponible en Français...

Qwerty is the english version of my Azerty program.

The aim of the software is to provide an on-screen keyboard with edit capabilities.

All text is typed inside program. To transfer text to another program, you must use the COPY function, which transfers text to clipboard.

Qwerty provides you with various ways to type text, and to display it.
You can select a font and use any available character of it (Unicode not supported for now)
You can type with right-to-left languages/fonts,
You can save text in a specific Qwerty format, which memorises the font, typing direction, etc.
Handicapped people can set character size in the edit box up to 72 points, and use the BIG SIZE tab, which provides large buttons.
You can also type characters from the listbox on the bottom left of window (double-click on a character on the list: it will be pasted to the edit box), from "All characters tab.
You can also customize the keyboard (keyboard tab only), by draging characters from the left list to the button you want to change. You can then save your keyboard for future use. A default keyboard (file name default.clazy) is available.
Download qwerty_install.exe HERE
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